Our Team

Office Staff

angieAngie Durham is the Office Manager and Bookkeeper. She helps track everything to do with a number including keeping track of time cards, purchase order numbers, preparing financial reports, accounts receivable and accounts payable. She contributes to our team daily with her gentle demeanor, her vibrant laugh, and her gracious actions towards all of our staff. In her spare time Angie enjoys reading, watching HGTV, and karaoke.



Bobbie FlowersBobbie Flowers is in our Business Development and Client Services Department. Her voice is usually the first one you hear when you call the office. She manages our client database, builds new relationships with clients, helps maintain existing client relationships, executes our marketing plan as well as handles many of our day to day operations within the office. She aids our salesmen as a liaison between them, our customers and their jobs. She contributes in a major way with her keen ability to see the vision that we have for the company and follow through with enthusiasm. In her spare time Bobbie enjoys creating abstract pieces of art and cookouts with her family and friends.